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Amanzhol Smagulov

Head of Educational Systems, Junior Product Manager, Methodist, Entrepreneur, Instructional Designer

My name is Amanzhol. I am glad to see you on my CV page as a methodologist and specialist in the field of educational technologies.

I have been working in education for 8 years, mainly in the language field, but due to the specifics of the b2b segment, my experience is dozens of times wider than the stereotypical manager of a language school.

I have experience in working with an IT audience, I have basic skills in Product, Project Management, UX design, site building, HTML, HR processes.

At the moment, I am actively developing my pedagogical design skills, studying e-learning and social dynamics in teaching.

For 8 years on the market, I managed to build a language school in the b2b segment in Almaty with a turnover of 65 million tenge per year, develop partnerships with Kaspi, Kolesa Group, FedEx, Freedom Finance, Aviata, build wide networking connections with top managers of dozens of companies, implement elements of our education system at FedEx, write and conduct over 15 language and non-language programs.

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What I can implement and manage

Experience & Partners

Kazakhstan, Almaty
At a founder or manager level.
B2B English language school
Providing English courses in b2b segment. Teaching in Kaspi, Kolesa Group, FedEx, Aviata, Chocotravel, Arena Media, Aitupay, BBV, Ticketon, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Rocket Firm, Bilim Land, Alidada, Tag Media, Muratov Partners, Radix, VOLS, Urbo Coffee, Froot Company, SmArt.Point, Baker Tilly, Sberbank, Imperial Tobacco, DAR, Infra Del and others.

x2 annual growth (2017-2019)
staff turnover: 1 teacher per year
average LTV: 9-10 months
Students: 2000+
Top managers on our programs: 60+
Methodology and education consulting

I advise and help in the development of courses, methodology, design of student motivation processes, gamification, progress tracking, teacher-students dynamics, tracking experts.


х3 growth of language school Progress: consulting of internal processes, methodology, student brand (2020)

Assistance in preparing speakers and lectures for Kolesa Upgrade on the Product Management course. (2021)

Aviata Call Center Course: Handling Calls and Emails (2018)

Course for service managers and operators at CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel)

Conducted 3 Edutainment events: where students of my school and top managers (Aviata, FedEx, Kolesa) have practiced public speaking in front of a big audience.


organization of an event for 150 people with NPS 85%

budget planning of the event (1,000,000 tenge) with merchandise, invited speakers (Marina Sharipova, Rula Raim)

cooperation with the city administration, 6 different partners, and a volunteer team of students

Other projects

Peak – PBL (project-based-learning) skills school for teens.

Teachers' School for English language Teachers.

Speech Expert – public speaking course in English.

Pocket Teacher – a course on how to learn languages ​​on your own and develop habits.

Distance education and course development - for the Upgrade Plus platform.

The charity project "Technologies for Online Lessons" – for public schools and colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Designed during the first lockdown (Mar-Apr 2020)

The "While you are at home" project is a free project for the development of language skills and with an element of social assistance to people during the first quarantine. More than 2000 people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan took part.

What I have studied and what I am currently studying.
In process: Methodist and e-learning specialist (Skillbox) Gamification in learning (Pennsylvania University Courser)
Junior Product Manager (Kolesa Upgrade 2021)
Cambridge CELTA, DELTA (module 1)., 2018-2019
Team Management (L-A-B-A), 2019
Entrepreneurship (2014-2021)
Translation Studies (Turan University)
What I can create, implement and manage
Based on experience.

Development of methodological instructions, algorithms for teachers and students, description of course objectives, metrics, and progress indicators. Tracking students, motivation and use of PBL, problem-based learning, task-based learning, peer-to-peer learning.

Working with IT-specialists

I am able to create such processes and educational programs or supporting structures for the IT audience, which will actually work thanks to the experience of working with companies such as Kolesa Group, Kaspi, Aviata, DAR.

Social Dynamics

The implementation of a social component in educational projects: encouraging students to create self-regulating communities, work in groups, organize group projects, and performances.


Increasing the course-finishing rate and involvement of students on the course through the elements of gamification: achievements, scores, boards, levels, badges.

Community Building

Description, creation, and management of communities around the promoted course. Community support through events, post-course activities, and student cases.

Education & Technologies

Creation of asynchronous lessons, using e-learning tools (Rise), mobile micro-learning (EdApp), onboarding for educational programs.


  • basic computer skills
  • site-building (Tilda, HTML)
  • work in Kanban, Scrum frameworks
  • implementation of IT methods in the development of courses: sprints, KPI
  • production (videos, articles, podcasts)
  • negotiation
  • public speaking
  • preparation of speakers and lecturers
  • Training conduction
  • b2b & b2c sales
  • HR: hiring, recruiting, employee development
  • basic design skills
  • brand marketing, event marketing
  • text writing, editing
  • team management (5-15 people)
  • project and product management
  • prototyping and MVP testing
  • Customer Development interview (CusDev)
  • A / B testing
  • Pitching
Recommendations & Partners

Video feedback of the head of the Progress school

You can watch a full video feedback here.
Irina Gubina - "Development" Team Lead at Kolesa Group

In March 2019, at Kolesa Group we decided to launch a new educational project - Kolesa Upgrade online courses.

We had no experience in launching courses, so there were many questions about the methodology and format of the course.

We asked friends from "I Know!" school. We have been cooperating with them for a long time in terms of English language courses.

At the start, we received several useful recommendations from Amanjol on how to properly launch online courses. But after the launch, we faced another problem: not all cool technical specialists can share their knowledge correctly, they needed to be taught how to teach.

Therefore, we began to attract specialists from "I Know!" as methodologists for the Kolesa Upgrade lectures.

I want to express gratitude to "I know!" for teaching our employees how to conduct lessons correctly, to find contact with an online audience, and not just share their knowledge, but to teach effectively!

For 8 years I managed to work with: Kaspi, Kolesa Group, FedEx, City administration of Almaty, Almaty Tourism, British Council, High Tech Academy, Business Consturctor, Upgrade and Ablay Yusupov, Transavia, product managers from Beeline, Kolesa Group, and Rocket Firm.

Appreciation letters. (in Russian language)

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