Offline & Online Workshop
Teaching Adults
For teachers who are willing to improve their interactions with adult learners on all levels: financially, methodologically, creatively.
Workshop Author
Amanzhol Smagulov
CELTA, DELTA M1 Teacher, 10 years of experience
Hey there! I will be happy to see on the workshop. My knowledge and experience will help you to make your communication, interactions and work results with your adult students better. I have worked with more than 1000+ students over the course of 10 years and my language school has helped more than 5000 students in B2B segment.
Who is this workshop for?
Experienced teachers who got stuck
If you got stuck and don't know what new things you can bring to your lessons – my experience can give you something new or a fresh perspective.
Teachers who mostly work with adults
If most of your clients are adults, this workshop will help structure and optimize the ways you interacts with the students in- and outside the class.
Teachers who just started and want to boost their growth
Even if you just started, the workshop content and practice will give you a good boost in a right direction and you might save from a few months to a few years of natural development.
Workshop Content: Theory and Practice

What methods to use?

I will reveal my tools and approaches I use with my adult students and how they help them love the language, reach their goals and stay with me even after they have achieved what they wanted.
How to use the meta-elements in teaching?
I will share different techniques and formats of interactions that will improve your interactions with adult learners: coaching, feedback cycles, goal-orientation, habits tracking.

How to create a functional community?

You will create your strategy and the actual plan on how to engage your students to be active participants of the community and bring their friends and recommend your lessons.
How to increase your value?
You will describe your personal growth plan that can help you increase your check for individual and group lessons. I will provide step-by-step instructions, facilitate and show the template.
Formats of participation
The workshop will be conducted
both online and offline in Almaty.
20th and 21st of May, 18:00, Zoom Sessions
75 minutes each
21st of May, 10:00, Sunday
3 hours
What will you get?
Here are tangible and non-tangible outcomes
the workshop is aimed to have.
You will learn about my personal set
of effective methods and tools
You will create your action plan to build/improve a community of your students
You will learn how to use elements
of coaching, habit tracking and goal-orientation effectively
You will create a step-by-step strategy
of increasing price tag for your lessons
You will meet other teachers and get
a chance to do some useful networking
You will get handouts with the workshop material to be able to revise it
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