Upgrade your
lesson warm-ups
and lead-ins
Join a webinar on '10 Universal Warm-Up and Lead-In Templates and a Warm-Up Creating Technique'.
About a webinar
1 practical hour packed with ready-to use tutorials on 10 universal warm-up and lead-in activities that I use in my lessons. No, we are not going to talk about '2 true facts, 1 false one'. These are tested and designed to really grab students' attention and set their mind in a right mood. I will also give you my own technique of brainstorming warm-up activities for your lessons.
This webinar is for...
  • English teachers with any experience
    You will either learn about new warm-up tools or get a new perspective on this part of the lesson.
  • Teachers who struggle with creativity
    One tool that will boost your creativity skill and you will create your own original warm-up activities in 15 minutes.
  • Instructional Designers
    You will look at the warm-up stage of classes as a great tool that can dictate the lesson flow and use it while designing your programs.
Webinar host – Amanzhol Smagulov
Hey there!

I have been an English Teacher for 10 years and a Teacher Trainer for 6 years. Throughout my career I have created more than 50 different educational programs (from b2b curriculum for IT companies to mini-courses about self-study and learning habits).

I am also CELTA certified and have acquired a DELTA module 1 certificate. I know the fundamentals and the how the 'classic approach' works. This allows me to build up on that by implementing new creative ways of conducting classes.

Join the webinar to make your lessons' warm-ups creative, memorable, striking and effective!
What will webinar deliver?
  • 10 universal warm-up activities
    I will share 10 templates that I use in my lessons to create warm-up activities for different students and levels (from Elementary up to Pre-Advanced).
  • Warm-up / Lead-in creating technique
    You will get a technique that you can start using right away after the webinar. This technique will allow you to come-up with and create original warm-up activities for any student.
  • Creative angle
    Sometimes the most beneficial thing is to get started improving different stage of your lesson by just looking at them from a different perspective.
  • Digital Certificate
    You'll get a certificate of attendance on the topic 'Creating and diversifying warm-up and lead-in activities of English lessons'
What will you get after the webinar?
You will get a recording within 2 days after the webinar and a 20% discount for 'Teacher Up Technique' channel.
March 26, 2023 / 18:00 – 19:00
(Almaty time)
The webinar is not FREE. The price is – cup of coffee + croissant but the value is 10x more.

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