Workshop: Chat GPT for English Teachers
Why is Chat GPT?
It's a machine learning based instrument that can help you with creating activities, lesson plans, checking homework, interactive exercises for your students.

I have been using Chat GPT for 4,5 months and I want to share the way I use it.
What does the workshop cover?
In 1,5 hour zoom workshop I will share:
  • Chat GPT Logic
    How it works and how to use it more efficiently. What you can use it for. Difference between the available versions.
  • Prompts
    Ready prompts for different kind of activities.
  • Chat GPT for non-lesson related goals
    How you can use this tool for becoming more efficient, decrease your routine and have a personal assistant for just 20$ per month.
What is the format?
When is the workshop?
The workshop will be held between the modules on 29th of April on Saturday evening at 18:00. It will take 1,5 hour. There will be a practical part of the workshop but even if you miss it, you will be able to do this practice on your own and share your work.

The session will be recorded and saved on the platform.
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